The Best Mother’s Day Gift

There is a lot I could say about today. First off, let me express my gratitude for my mother. I would not be half of the person I am today without her, and I am sure each of you feel the same way. We cannot overemphasize the role a mother plays in her child’s life. Even more than that, we cannot and should not underestimate the role she plays in a child’s life after they move away. We will come back to that later, however.

Me and Mom.jpg

Secondly, let me pay tribute to all of my pseudo-moms out there. The women who played a significant role in my life and still do. Thank you. Some of them are pictured below.


Third, before we get to the nitty gritty of it all, let me express my love to my wonderful wife, the best mom I know (sorry mom). Watching her over these last few months with our daughter has inspired, humbled, and thrilled me to my very center. I love her and am so grateful she makes it possible for me try to be the best dad I can.

Rebecca and Reagan.jpg

So, you might be wondering what the best gift you could give this day is? Breakfast in bed? Nope. Jewelry? Think again. A coupon for a kid-free day? Not even close.

The best gift we could give today, and every day, to our ever deservant mothers is the gift of remembrance. A phone call, a letter, even a sappy Facebook post.

This is why I think remembrance is the best gift we could give to a mother. I think of my mom every day, and all she did for me to get me to where I am. The diapers she must have changed, the throw up she cleaned up every day for a year (when I was two supposedly I threw up every day), and even the work ethic she instilled in me on our farm. This remembrances guide my daily thoughts, actions, and words.

By trying to think of my mom every day, I am sure to never act in a way that would not represent her well.

I know what she would want me to do, and by golly I try my best to do it.

If we take the time every day to remember our mothers, we would call more often (me included). We would try a little harder to visit a little longer, because they have given up so much for us.

My mom, for example, is a prolific horseback rider. She is seriously fantastic, and this isn’t just a son bragging about his mom. Imagine if my mom had chosen to ride professionally, which she very well could have, instead of sacrificing her hobbies and realistic dreams to become my mother. I would not be here, who I am, today. Her sacrifice allowed me to be raised in a loving home, a time of my life I will always cherish and am striving to recreate for my children.

By remembering our mothers, we carry on their legacy. We represent their hard work through our daily actions and who we decide to become.

Why remember mothers? In short, some mothers are near, some are far, and others have passed on. Remembering their impact and influence on our live’s allows us to represent them well.

Love you mom.

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